MEI (Mars) AE2400 Series Bill Acceptor (Validator) Configuration Coupon. Vending Type:Full Line.

Flashing FOUR times – Clean the bill path.

To reinstall the yellow cover, the acceptor module must remain open.

01-12-139-4- 110V only ) may be used for supplying power to the bill acceptor and for routing pulse credits to a coin switch. Have a MEI bill acceptor, I think a model 2000 as it accepts $1,$5,$10,$20. The LED lens in the bottom of the validator is likely cracked on one or both ends.


To obtain the best performance from your Mars Electronics Bill Acceptor, read this manual and the Installation Guide before installing and using the bill acceptor. Pyramid Apex 7400-UC4 Bill Acceptor MDB (Replaced by 7400-UB4) $249. .

141 FLASH CODE DESCRIPTION OF CODE. Of the bill acceptor (figure 4.

Vending Since:1985.


The ). Slow, continuous flashing – power down vendor door, check harness connections, power up the door.

MEI CASHFLOW SC83 Page-8 www. The VNR Recycler does not require cleaning and could be damaged by aggressive cleaning.

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Flashing FIVE times – Make sure the bill magazine is properly seated.

Leds will be off once a bill has been inserted, the acceptor is in calibration mode or the unit is in software download mode.

The LEDs will be off once a bill has been inserted, the acceptor is in calibration mode or the unit is in software download mode.

INTERFACE OPTIONS The VN2500 Bill Acceptor is capable of operating via four interfaces: Low Level Pulse, AC/High Level Pulse, Serial or MDB. . Earl your problem is with the lower PCB board inside the lower bill transport, it’s probably corroded, there’s nothing you can do to fix it, we see that problem a lot.

. State:Arizona. Just shoot me a PM. after that, it will flash 5 times red repeatedly. JCM OptiPay DBV 30X Series Service Manual.

I can exchange if for you if you don't have a local repair depot.

. 1 flash Bill Path Jammed Clear bill jam, if none, bad sensor.

Been sitting for a few years, when I powered it up the bill pusher cycled eight.

OFF – The bill acceptor is not receiving power – check harness connections and vending machine fuses.

The best programmer that Mars/MEI had was a dual programmer that was both 24 volt and 110 volt, that programmer was discontinued a few years ago.

As of 2011, The Coinco Vantage has been the default bill acceptor for both U.

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