The exit code may give a hint as to what happened to stop the container running.


Please note we are running Docker with the flag -g /ebs/docker to use EBS for the Docker. .

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My end goal is to be able to run my python script.

The two problems appear to be related since we only see the errors with the 127'd containers. . .

So, in your case it seems the "wget" within quotes is not being found when Docker runs it.

Try executing docker by providing the full path to the executable, in my case it is: /usr/local/bin/docker. Sorted by: 1. My end goal is to be able to run my python script.

This will print the exit code on the command line. Share.

So what should I do?.


sh created. So what should I do?.

In the pipeline script you have to give maven path like def mvnHome = tool name: 'maven-3. i have the same problem, have you guys solved it? docker inspect -f.

sh in a text editor (vim, nano, whatever you use) and search for exit 127.
At the beginning of the build, I get a docker: command not found error: [Pipeline] Start of Pipeline [Pipeline] node R.
6', type: 'maven' sh "${mvnHome}/bin/mvn package" in maven stage.


Sorted by: 1.

Some uncommon exit codes with Docker containers (typically with shell script usage) Exit Code 126: Permission problem or command is not executable; Exit Code. I'm using windows 10, with powershell as a command line. .

The path to the docker binary is probably not in your PATH variable in the context that Jenkins is started in. Share. . . .

sh echo "not-a-command" >> test.

1. py.


If you got trouble reading the script, paste the content of the script (or just the block where you found exit 127.

When we try to restart or rm the containers in question we see the errors below.

The issue is the given User cannot access the ExecStart within the PATH you have set.

Most likely you do not have all of the commands used in your script installed on your image prior to running it.